Candidates debate for debate control



Graphic show opinions of Republicans after the 4th GOP debate

After the fourth GOP debate, the 13 Republican candidates elected to take action to improve the process of the next one.

Following a series of questions that appeared to be deliberately attempting to lure the debaters into attacking their opponents, both the participants and viewers erupted with complaints.

Senior Hannah Kast said “I watched the debate, and I was disappointed in the questions that were asked. I didn’t learn anything about the actual policies of the candidates.”

Led by the Republican National Committee (RNC), the candidates held a meeting in which they outlined their desires for the running of the next debate.

The candidates diagrammed a system which, they believe, will provide more stability to how the debate is run.

Junior Anaïs Cabello said “I hope that the next debate is more organized. It’s really confusing as a viewer when the candidates are talking over each other”.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have dropped out of the debate after their less than impressive performances in the debate.

Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, has lost momentum since his appearance on prime time. Viewers complain that he does not seem to have a passion for what he is speaking about.

Cabello said “Bush just doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t seem as excited or passionate as the other candidates.”.

It is impossible to gauge who will ultimately win the primary vote this early in the race. However, the debates provide valuable insight to a candidate’s policies and ideologies.