Water polo ranked second in state


Senior Nicole Gangl looks to pass the ball to a teammate. Gangl has been a part of the team since her freshman year. She has witnessed the varsity team finish second in the state for two out of her four years of playing. Photo by McDaniel’s Photography.

Hannah May, Staff Writer

The SHS girls water polo team, led by coaches Nicholas Helwig and Jessen Link, is currently ranked second in the state, placing them one step closer to their goal of winning state.

Senior Jessica Wei said, “A number two ranking spot is really good for where we are in the season. That means that we are predicted to go to the state championships.”

The rankings of all of the Ohio high school water polo teams are as follows:

Upper Arlington
Thomas Worthington
St. Ursula

Wei said, “The rankings are a good predictor, but you never know. There are always upsets and surprises. Nothing is certain.”

As the season progresses, the team hopes to maintain its undefeated streak at home as well as get to the state championship game.

Wei said “It is really exciting that we have gone undefeated at home. It helps our ranking which determines who we will have to play in order to get to the state championship game, and it helps a lot if you are ranked well going into the tournament.”