Wounded physically, not mentally


Hayley Kennedy

Senior Ali Garcia attended the Sunset Invitational Meet to cheer on her teammates. She was overcoming an injury, but now attends practice regularly and works through the pain to the best of her ability. She is currently running in weekly meets.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

The cross-country teams have been set back by injuries. The girls and boys cross-country teams alike have runners constantly sitting out of practice due to running injuries. Some are healing fast, but others have been on the bench for weeks.
Senior Marisa Koster has foot pain and possibly a broken toe. She said, “It doesn’t hurt all the time. I love pain-free running days.” Some days she sits out of practice, but she runs in meets when feeling no pain.
Since before the school year began, Senior Hayley Kennedy has been in a medical boot. Kennedy said, “It saddens me I can’t run, but I still am apart of the team! I photograph meets and the girls are my family.”
Injuries of all sorts are putting players on the bench, or even preventing them from coming to practice. Freshman Peyton Gilhart had surgery to remove three tumors the week of Aug. 9th. Just ten days later she was running again.
The team has faced runners not being able to run because they are held back by injuries. All of the girls take proper steps to recover as quickly as they can. They are injured physically but their mental drive is not affected.