Color guard expands band’s performance


Natalie Brinkman

One of the many pieces of stretchy material used throughout the show, this one in a deep red color. The color guard also uses a small piece of neon green material and incorporates into dance and visual movements. The first material is included in the first fifty counts of the piece and features an electronic sound in the background.

The marching band’s show this year is called “That’s a Stretch” and it lives up to its name. Full of surprising props and musical pieces, things are literally being stretched, both physical skills and items in the show.

The color guard is comprised of 16 members this year, eight returning and eight new members. The rifle line being comprised of six members, and the flags block the remaining 10.

Kevin King senior said, “I am really happy to be a part of color guard because it feels like a big family,”

The color guard has learned through movement two, which calls for flags, rifles, and a lot of stretchy nylon material. But something new they have just added is swing flags, a set of two lighter weight flags.

Cathleen Leonard, freshman, said, “My favorite flags are the swing flags because they make you look like a Phoenix,”

These particular flags are different shades of red with metallic, in an ombre effect, which is supposed to look like the fabric is being stretched.

The group has yet to go to their first competition, which will give the new members a taste of what marching band really is.

This will truly “stretch” their skills, but as band directors always say there will always be a chance to, “do one more rep!”.

Sara Cohen, sophomore, said, “Color guard is so much fun and we are such a great team. I am super excited to perform, our flags are so pretty,”