Homecoming brings busy times for marching band


Natalie Brinkman

The marching band will bring in school spirit the week of homecoming. They will perform during the parade and at the game. Band night, for 5th -8th graders will be a key role in recruiting young students.

With the week of festivities, concluding with band night, a parade, and the game, the whole band ensemble will be showing quite the school spirit.

Freshman Lydia Cooke said , “I am very excited to show the community of Sycamore what hard work we have put into our show and everything else, it has come a long way.”

Thursday, the band will leave school early to practice with 5th through 8th graders, the actual performance will be at the homecoming pre-game.

This will give younger students a glimpse at what marching band is like, as well as play a key part in recruiting members for both the marching band and color guard.

Friday, the band and color guard will be marching in the parade, then will perform during pre-game, during the ceremony for homecoming court, and at the end to finish the game off with a bang.

According to Sycamore community schools website, “This year’s homecoming parade will take place on Friday, October 2. The route begins at 4:45 p.m. at the City of Montgomery parking lot on Shelley Drive and continues down Remington, Zig Zag and Cooper Road to Sycamore Junior High”.

Saturday, the band does not have a competition or practice, but instead gets a break from the busy week. They will only perform half of movement 3 during post-game, but are adding more during practice.

Sophomore Sara Cohen said, “I’m super excited for the game and parade, I can’t wait for the whole school to see what we’ve been working on for so long”.

With around 80 students in the band, homecoming will be a whole lot more spirited, and with that, everybody should be mentally prepared to sing along with the fight song, cheer on the football team, and get their green and gold on.