Runners and renaissance


Hayley Kennedy

This is a race where there were no creeks or forests. It was at Lebanon High School. The team placed fourth overall without any of the natural obstacles holding them back.

After a cross-country race, an interesting cool down is a festival. On Saturday, Sep. 26th, the girls cross-country team is running their annual race at Bellbrook Invitational. Coach Richard Shomo made plans to take the team bus to the renaissance festival afterwards.
Senior Sarah Thompson said, “Bellbrook will be a hard, but fun, meet. The Festival will definitely make the pain of running worth it!”
Neither the guys or girls team has ran Bellbrook since junior high. Players still remember a fun time. The boys team is going to another race, but Senior Martín Gonzalez said, “I would love to go again sometime with our team.”
The freshmen cannot wait to go. Last time it wasn’t Barbarian day for them but it will be this year. Freshman Olivia Hewitt said, “I want to dress up! But it’ll be hot and I’m not sure what to wear.”
After races the girls cool down along the course. This weekend their cool down will be walking around a festival! Sophomore Jodie Lawson said, “There’s beautiful wooded trails but also creeks,” so a cool down at Bellbrook would not be ideal.
This is just one of the great opportunities the cross-country team has during their season. A great team bonding experience for all of the girls; and guys too, hopefully.