Best places for holiday shopping


Photo courtesy of MCT Photo

Is it ever acceptable for a wedding guest to attend the ceremony and reception — without giving a gift? (Photo courtesy Fotolia/TNS)

Christine Macke, Staff Writer

People generally think of holiday shopping in one of two ways, either an event that they look forward to all year, or something that sounds more painful than breaking a leg. You can usually tell which one is which when you visit a department store.

Even if you hate holiday shopping with a passion, this guide to holiday shopping should be able to make it slightly less painful for those who do not enjoy it, and even more of a magical time for those who do.

When asked what her favorite store for holiday shopping is, sophomore Leslie Brown said, “Kohl’s, because you can find everything there, it’s really cheap, and hardly anyone goes there.”

If you are looking for a store with a wide variety of gift options, from toys to clothing to cooking supplies, go to your local Kohl’s. You can find presents for your little brothers and sisters, mom and dad, and even your pet.

If you want a store that carries adorable novelty and home decor items for just a few dollars, look no further than Target. The store’s dollar section can be a great way for anyone on a budget to purchase gifts for their loved ones.

Sophomore Andrea Vaughn said, “I always like Target because of the dollar section, and it was always special for me to go shopping there as a kid because I didn’t grow up with one really close to me.”

For affordable beauty and health products, Bath and Body Works is your new best friend. The store carries everything from soap to lotion to scented candles with seasonal smells like pumpkin cupcake and gingerbread cookies that bring the essence of the holidays to you.

Sophomore Kyra Bolt said, “I like to go to Bath and Body Works, because it’s a great way to enjoy the smells of the holidays with all of their seasonal scents, and everything is very affordable.”

However you may feel about holiday shopping, visiting these stores will improve your experience and allow you to get some holiday cheer out of it, or at least not feel as much like the Grinch when the holidays roll around.