Homecoming travels the globe


Sarah Abraham

This was the 2014 Homecoming court. Featuring seniors, Gary Traub, Gabby Kaiser. Juniors Josh Glynn, Hannah Levy, Fanta Davis, and Ben Ruskin. As well as sophomores Sivan Yarchi, and Michael Underwood. This photo was taken during the 2014 Homecoming Parade the Thursday of homecoming.

Sarah Abraham, Staff Writer

The theme for the 2015 Homecoming dance is ‘Around the World’. This year’s homecoming dance is suppose to be a great event this year. All candidates on student council are ecstatic about it.

Second year student council representative Elayna berry said.”It is going to be a fun dance. But what it comes down to in reference to how fun it will be is the student body. It really is all
dependent on how rowdy we are as a school.”

Student council is ready to gear up for this big date ahead.

Freshman and first year Student Council representative Ellie Armstrong said, ”The school spirit sky high. Starting from spirit week and ending at the school dance. The theme is “All Around the World”; It is going to be incorporated into everything.

The homecoming dance this year will be on Oct. 3rd

Sophomore and second year student council representative Halle Gordon said, “This year’s homecoming is going to rock. Around The World as the theme is going to be great. When deciding the theme of Homecoming we kept in mind how amazing and diverse the world is.”
For more information regarding homecoming be at the dance on October 3rd.