Boys soccer shoots into action


McDaniels Photography

Sophmores Walid Bawizar, and Brian Cron. During a JVB game last year. Bawizar and Cron are on JVA this year. Bawizar is a defensive player, and Cron is the goalie.

Sarah Abraham, Staff Writer

The boys 2015 soccer team started their season in August, through the past couple months, the JVB team is, 7-1-1, this season they are being coached by Jeremy Pletz

Freshman Matthew Supp, on the JVB team, said,” We have had a relatively fun season so far, and I think that is due in large part to our high level of team chemistry.”

The boys soccer team has had several games recently, on Monday, Sept. 28, they played LaSalle and won 5-1. The JVB soccer team’s next game will be Sept. 30, at home against Mason at 4:30.

Sophomore Brian Cron, the JVA goalie said, “ Defense is the best offense.”

The JVA team is 6-3-2, with the last game on September 29th they payed Oak Hills, and won 4-0. They have their next game is Sept. 3, against Princeton, at Princeton at 5:00, they are coached by Mr. Jervis

Sophomore Jeremy Pletz, on the varsity team said ,” Sometimes, you just gotta kick it in the net.”

The Varsity boys are 3-7-1, their last game was Sept. 29, where they played Oak Hills, and they won 3-2. Their next game is at Princeton on Sept. 31, at 7:00 following JVB’s game. They are coached by Mr. Williams. The Boys Soccer event Kick it to beat MS will be Saturday Oct. 3rd, at 3:00, at home, against Loveland.

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