Senior night showcases seniors


Sarah Abraham

Sycamore Water polo Senior night was Oct. 6th. They dresssed up in long skirts, miley buns, and turtlenecks. Feautered in this picture from left to right, top row: Emma Bovard, Hannah May, Mallory Lefton, Courtney Reardon, Jory Gould, Meegan Gould, Isabel Ingle, Abigal Hausfeld,. Middle Row: Kiley Hawkins, Sarah Horne, Caroline Veraldo, Sarah Abraham, . Bottom Row: Isabel Saurbraunn, Johanna Osborn, Hannah Taylor, Morgan MacAvoy, Sarah Werthiem, Abby Lefton

Senior night is a tradition for all sports, honoring our seniors. During the last home games, there is a ceremony where parents, players, peers, and loved ones honor their fellow Seniors. Senior Night is usually a day long event, in certain sports, seniors choose to dress up their underclassmen, if the players consent to be dressed up.
Oct. 6, was boys and girls water polo senior night, the girls wore miley buns,turtlenecks, long skirts, and high socks. The boys team did tuxedo tops, and shorts. Water Polo Senior night was October 6th where they played Milford.
Sophomore Meegan Gould said,”I love senior night because we get a chance to show our seniors how much they mean to us and to thank them for everything they’ve done. Dressing up is one of my favorite parts, you get to be crazy with all of your favorite people and it’s a lot of fun!.”
Girls golf senior night is Oct.7 against McCauley high school.

The girls volleyball senior night will also be coming up shortly. On Oct. 15, they play Seton at 6:30 PM. The senior ceremony beginning at 6.

Sophomore Makayla Stover said,”I love our seniors so much, and even though it’ll be our last home game with them I am so excited for their senior night. They have worked so hard in and out of season their whole four years here and they deserve to be honored at this game. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do without them next year. We love our seniors!”

Girls water polo senior Paige Parr said,”I love senior night, it ‘s a day we all come together as a team, and it’s emotional, because you’re starting to saying goodbye.”

Boys soccer senior night will be, Oct.8. Along with that girls golf senior night will be Oct.7, and girls cross country will be Oct.20.