Exams hit hard

Sarah Abraham, Staff Writer

With exams being less than a week away the students of SHS are seemingly stressed, although it may not be due to the fact that exams are next week.
Sophomore Walid Bawazir said,” We have exams next week, and i think we all expected this week to be for review of materials and going over concepts, like we have done in the past. This last week before exams have just made teachers to decide to cram in last minute tests. which aren’t helping anyone.”
In the last week before exams teachers have been seeming to cram in last minute materials, as well as deciding to give tests. In this week most students will experience tests in all their classes leading up to their exams, which inevitably making them more stressed than they were before.
Sophomore Alex Scheier said, “I think exams are a lot harder than we all expect them to be, so I’m just confused and worried on what to study to be prepared.”
Study tactics used my SHS students:
Online Quizzes
Memorization game
Speaking notes to themselves
Study tactics are different for every student, and it varies for which type of person they are and how they study best. Students have been trying whatever tactics and methods they have used in the past on these tests to try to get good grades.
Freshman Matthew Supp said,” These are my first set of high school exams, I think if I study how I normally do for tests and work hard I’ll get the outcome I want.”
The testing schedule starts Tuesday Dec. 15th. with the first bell exam. The schedule continues on the rest of the week with two exams each day, with exam day ending on the 18th. For more information regarding exams or study tactics, talk to your teachers.