Rain doesn’t stop Chinese Club


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Jacob Englander, News Chief

Chinese Club’s meeting centered around kites. Despite the fact, that it was forecast as storming on the afternoon of 9/18/2015, members kept flying kites anyway.
Kites struggled in the wind and rain. A few broke, but thankfully there were exra kites.
Junior Matt Schuetz , and VP of Chinese club said,”It was really fun. I had a great time. We did this last year, and decided to do it again.”
Food and drinks were also served. Specifically, Bubble tea was served.
Sophomore Atit Pathak said, “I wasn’t too good at flying kites, but now I am. I love Chinese Club, and hope to attend future events.”

Meetings happen every two weeks on Fridays. Food and drink is always served, and the meetings last several hours.
Schuetz said, “We’ll probably do it [fly kites] next year too. It’s a really fun way to celebrate Chinese customs.”