Start of swim season brings high hopes


Photo courtesy of McDaniel's Photography

Senior Priscilla Wu competes in a breaststroke event at a dual meet. Wu was an individual qualifier for the State Championship meet. She also competed on two top eight relays.

Hannah May, Staff Writer

After graduating ten seniors, the SHS swim team faces not only the physical challenges of replacing five state competitors and two individual qualifiers, but also difficulties of compensating for the loss of leaders on the team.
Junior Matthew Schuetz said, “With the seniors gone, a lot of swimmers are going to have to step up to fill their leadership positions. I think we will see a lot more people being leaders on the team.”
Regardless of the obvious obstacles the team has to overcome this year, they are hopeful for a successful season.
Senior Jory Gould said, “We have a lot of really talented freshman on both the boys and girls side. Even though we lost a lot of seniors, I think we will have a good season.”
The team will compete on Dec. 9 against Mnt. Notre Dame and Moeller at SHS for their first duel meet. They will travel to Bowling Green University on Dec. 19 for their first away meet.
As the season progresses, coach Dr. Dan Carl will begin to implement both morning practices and weight lifting into their training regime, in hopes of building strength and stroke technique.

Gould said, “We will probably lift three times a week. Weight lifting is really helpful with swimming because it helps to build muscles which translates to more power in your stroke.”
As well as weight lifting, the team will have optional morning swims before school, usually two times a week. These practices focus on specific stroke techniques for specialty swimmers and distance sets for the mid-distance to distance members of the team.
Looking forward, the team will endure their most trying practices during winter break. With a two week vacation from school, it is common practice for swim coaches to take advantage of this time off.
Carl will give his swimmers the most difficult sets and increase the yardage during the two-week period as well as having double practices, which are not optional this time around.
Regardless, the swimmers are excited to be back in the water and have high hopes for the outcome of the season.
Schuetz said, “We have a lot of team goals, and everybody has their individual goals. Ultimately I think that we will have a successful season.”