A stitch in time: twentieth-century style coming to Cincinnati


McDaniel’s Photography

Senior Sophia Weidmann walks the runway at Fashion for the Cure. Students are able to demonstrate their own creativity and illustrate how they have been inspired by the unique work of designers.

Anne Marsh, Staff Writer

From ballgowns to bell bottoms, fashion is constantly evolving. This style evolution will be on display in the Cincinnati Art Museum from Nov. 7 to Jan. 24.

Sophomore Keren Idelman said, “I love that Cincinnati has such great events focusing on the arts.”

The exhibition will showcase a variety of garments and accessories designed between 1910 and 1980; a time in which fashion began to flourish and designers began taking creative risks.

Among the designers displayed will be Chanel, Dior, and Givenchy, along with countless other influential American and European designers. The revolutionary ideas of these men and women have played a vital role in the modernization of fashion.

Sophomore Thea Ferdinand said, “I think it’s interesting how the Cincinnati Art Museum is exhibiting a collection of iconic pieces throughout the eras. By viewing these pieces from the past, you can derive inspiration for modern fashion that can be loosely translated into your day-to-day wardrobe.”

With time, fashion has become an outlet to aesthetically stimulate our creativity and an important way of expressing our own unique styles. Designers’ shows have become an experience rather than a viewing, and clothing has become an art form rather than items we wear.

Sophomore Kiri Wang said, “I can’t wait to check out this exhibit! It should be interesting to see the changing styles throughout the years.”

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