Which Hannah Montana character are you?



Miley Cyrus attends the Licensing International Expo to introduce a new clothing line by Miley Cyrus inspired by her Disney Channel TV series “Hannah Montana,” in New York City on June 19, 2007. (David Miller/Abaca Press/MCT)

Anne Marsh, Staff Writer

1. Which of these sounds the most appetizing?
a. cheese jerky
b. bubble gum
c. a chocolate bunny
d. spaghetti

2. Which accessory would you most likely be seen wearing?
a. a great head of hair
b. a wig
c. a pogo stick
d. a skateboard

3. Which Hannah Montana song represents you the best?
a. True Friend
b. Best of Both Worlds
c. Nobody’s Perfect
d. Pumpin’ Up the Party

4. What is your worst fear?
a. losing your only chest hair
b. someone discovering all your secrets
c. your boss
d. stage fright

5. Which phrase would you most likely say?
a. “Fricky, fricky, fresh”
b. “Sweet nibblets!”
c. “Dang flabbit!”
d. “Booyah!”

6. Which nickname suits you the best?
a. Mike Stanley III
b. Hannah Montana
c. Bucky Kentucky
d. Lola Luftnagle






If you got…

Mostly a’s, you are Smokin’ Oken!
Prepare to take a ride on the Ollie Trolley! You are confident, reliable, and flirtatious.

Mostly b’s, you are Hannah/Miley!
You have got the best of both worlds! You can sometimes have a dual personality; you are primarily shy and funny, but when you get comfortable you really rock out the show!

Mostly c’s, you are Jackson!
This is Jackson Rod Stewart recording your hop to destiny! Despite your ambition when it comes to breaking world records, you can be a bit lazy and you are very silly.

Mostly d’s, you are Lilly!
Lilly alert in 18 seconds! You are a bit of a tomboy, and you are extremely bubbly and outgoing.