Crayons to Computers Club receives honor from organization


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This is the first time ever that the Crayons to Computers Club has received an award for their hard work and dedication to raising money and volunteering. Since the start of the club three years ago, they have raised over three thousand dollars for the Crayons to Computers organization. The club members are very excited to receive the award this weekend.

Lilah Foley, Staff Writer

On Dec. 6, 2015, SHS’ own Crayons to Computers Club will be honored for their volunteer work and the money they have raised for Crayons to Computers.

Since the beginning of the school year, the Crayons to Computers Club has raised over $200 through fundraising. All of that money was brought over to the freestore downtown.

Crayons to Computers has recognized the club for their hard work, and is honoring them at a dinner this Sunday.

Sophomore Emilie King said, “I am really excited to go to the dinner Crayons to Computers is hosting for us. It is a huge honor to be recognized as a great volunteer group.”

Crayons to Computers is a nonprofit organization that helps teachers and underprivileged schools obtain the supplies they need to run a successful classroom.

The freestore, where the teachers get all of their supplies at no cost, is located downtown.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Rasulis said, “I am so happy that this club has finally received the recognition they deserve. It is an amazing club and I’m honored to be a part of it.”