Crayons to Computers Club prepares to volunteer downtown


MCT Photo

The Crayons to Computers Club is very excited to volunteer at the freestore downtown. The members of the club go downtown at least four times a year in order to gain experience. This is the first time this year that they are going down to volunteer.

Lilah Foley, Staff Writer

The organization is welcoming the Crayons to Computers Club at their freestore downtown this weekend on Nov. 21, 2015.

This is one of the prime things that the club does, other than raise money. While there, the club is planning to restock, check out teachers, unpack boxes, and do anything needed.

The Crayons to Computers freestore is designed to allow teachers from any schools in the tristate area to come and pick out the supplies needed for their classroom. They must have called ahead of time.

The only restriction is that there is a limit on how many of each item a teacher can get, but the limits are lenient and not very small at all.

Sophomore Emilie King said, “I’m so excited to volunteer this weekend! I’ve heard from older members that it’s one of the best experiences they’ve ever had in the club.”

This past weekend, the club raised over $100 for the nonprofit organization at the wrestling tournament. They are planning to give Crayons to Computers this money while volunteering.