Trump versus Islam


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Trump has lost some ground since issuing these statements. That is probably because they’re racist and unconstitutional nature. His response to criticism following these statements was “I don’t care.”

The Republican party has been increasingly Islamophobic as of late, in both party policy and in the presidential election. This wave of xenophobia is supposedly in response to recent terrorist attacks, both in the U.S., and abroad.

Specifically, the attacks in Paris, and a more recent one in San Bernardino, California, both of which were inspired by ISIS, has provoked this response. One response to these attacks in the GOP is a call for increased security measures regarding immigration.

While many are worried about the problems of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, political candidate Donald Trump has brought things to a new level, as he so often does.

Recently, Trump has called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.”
Surprisingly, Trump’s absurd rhetoric and ideas seem to draw some support. Despite the obvious backlash, he still has a nineteen percent approval rate in recent polls.

Personally, as a member of the Jewish faith, I find it horrifying to see people being denied access to this land of opportunity merely because of stereotypes.

It is not American to deny anyone entry into the country, and if people endorse this action, they are endorsing the same policy that banned Chinese immigrants entry into this country. The same policy that sent a boat of Jewish refugees back to Germany and almost certain danger.