Security increase cause travelers pain


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Airport security has always been the part of traveling that people have complained the most about. But after recent events people are going to be pleased with the increase in security. The TSA is taking increased measures to ensure the safety of all travelers.

Jordan Baker, Staff Writer

Department of Homeland Security has increased their terrorist threat to the highest possible level, which is severe, this is the highest the system has been at since 9/11. This significant increase has come in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and in San Bernardino.
Freshman Dustin Rabin said, “Increased security at airports is not anything new, it should be expected when a major attack happens.”
People that are planning on flying somewhere for winter break will experience tighter security at airports. The TSA works directly with Homeland Security to do everything possible to stop any attacks on planes and they do their best to stop any suspicious person from flying.
When in security at the airports people can expect to see dogs that have been trained to sniff out materials that can be mixed together to make a bomb. This is not a new measure TSA has taken but the the number of dogs seen through security will increase. Dogs will be in addition to the full body scanners that detect metal objects and can outline where on the body and how big that item may be.
Senior Maxwell Brown said, “ The only time I have ever seen bomb sniffing dogs at an airport when I was traveling internationally. After the attacks in Paris and California people have a lot to be worried about such as there could possibly be another attack in the U.S.”
There will also be a machine that people may have to go through called the explosives trace-detection portal machine, more commonly known as the puffer machine. This security measure is designed to detect illegal drugs and any explosive material on a person. It shoot puffs of air through holes in the bottom of the machine and any materials knocked off a person’s clothes is analyzed instantly by the machine.
All this increased security may cause longer wait times when going through security and even when a traveler is at the gate because the TSA will be checking luggage before it gets on the plane now. All of this is to ensure the safety of travelers this holiday season.