Frequency of attacks increase all over Israel


MCT Photo

One of the many buses that have been blown up all over Israel in the past four months. Palestinian leaders have encouraged this violence and have gotten outside help to fund the attacks. The western world has ignored these issues because of other foreign matters that seem to take priority.

Israel has been plagued by war and fighting since it was established in 1948. In the past four years there have been over 4,000 reported terrorist attacks on a varying scale. In the past two years Hamas, the terrorist organization located in Gaza, has been supplied rockets of varying range and payload and which have been fired into Israel multiple times.
During 2014 these frequent rocket attacks sparked a summer long war between Hamas and Israel. After a ceasefire was finally reached in July 2014, Hamas stopped the violence until the beginning of 2015. Over the past 7 months Hamas has urged Palestinians to kill people in Israel by any means.
Sophomore Andrew Greenberger said, “I had family in Israel during this war and family who fought in it. It is a shame that their efforts did not produce a more suitable outcome for the Israeli people.”
Since August there has been 300 stabbings, 200 people running over pedestrians, 150 shootings, and 20 rocket attacks. There has been a varying degree of response from the outside world to these attacks. In every attack Israel has taken swift action against the terrorist who have committed these attacks.
Freshman Dustin Rabin said, “It is terrible that this is going on in a country that we are allied with and the U.S. has done virtually nothing.”
The outside world has almost completely ignored the issue. Some Muslim countries have supplied and encouraged these attacks, while other countries give them money to buy weapons and other equipment that might help them kill Israelis. Western countries have been caught up in other issues and have not offered help at all.