French Air Force bombs ISIS targets


MCT Photo

Members of the French armed forces who were killed in the terrorist attack that took place on Nov. 14. 30 members of the French military were killed. France has begun a war against ISIS.

Jordan Baker, Staff Writer

Tragedy has struck the heart of yet another country , this time terrorist carried out attacks all over Paris. On Nov. 14 in five simultaneous attacks ISIS terrorists bombed and shot civilians at a soccer, in a music hall, and in some restaurants.
Senior Maxwell Brown said, “It is terrifying that no matter where we go anymore there is always a chance that we will be attacked.”
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack the very next day. 128 people were killed and over 400 injured. One of those victims was an American college student.
On Nov. 16 France declared war on ISIS and immediately began bombing targets all over Syrian. France has carried out more air strikes in the first two days of their campaign than the U.S. carried out in first week when the began bombing ISIS.
Freshman Dustin Rabin said, “France is responding in a very appropriate manner. They have every right to seek revenge for what happened.”
France has captured or killed seven of the eight terrorists involved in horrible act of violence. They have vowed to hunt down this finial member of make sure he faces the consequences of his actions. It was reported that the terrorists can in with a flood of Syrian refugees that came in with 200 other refugees.