Flying for new face


Photo credit: Coach Elise Williams

The Flyerettes pose for a picture during the winter sports picture day on Thurs. Nov. 19. While the team is small, they have become an extremely close and tight-nit team.The small numbers also help them improve their technique and dances even more. With fewer people, mistakes are noticed more in practice to be perfected for performances. Photo credit: Coach Elise Williams

Lauren Kurtzer, Associate Editor

SHS’ dance team has undergone dynamic changes over the past years. The team has had a coaching change twice in two years with decreasing membership.
Yet, the five girls are still looking forward to the upcoming basketball season to perform at the home games. Due to injuries, they were not able to dance at the first game.
Junior Hannah Young said, “I am so excited for the upcoming basketball season. I love the amount of games we have this year so we can show off all of our hard work.”
Starting in November the team has had practices on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they practice from 3-5 p.m. and on Mondays at 2:45-4:45 p.m. Before November, they practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5.
Sophomore Gabrielle Davis said, “Well I think our team is great! We are much better then last year, and we are getting better and better!”
During practice, they begin with stretching to enhance flexibility, then work on improving technique and learning new tricks and technique for routines. After, they work on cleaning or perfecting dances for games and performances.
Davis said, “It’s not only a dance team; we care about each other so much! I am so happy I did it this year again; I was second thinking it cause of last year. I’m excited for my two years to come!”
The coaching change this year entailed the return of two coaches. Art teacher, Mrs. Elise Williams, who was a Flyerette from 1998-2002 and coached from 2004-2009, but left due to her full time teaching. returned.
Williams said, “We’ve got five deeply passionate ladies who, despite setbacks and an unusual situation due to the smallness of the team this year, will preserve and build this team back to the healthiness that it once was.”
She came along with math teacher, Ms. Kenzie Wall, who was an assistant coach from 2012-2014 when she was a junior and senior at Xavier University.
Wall said,“This team is powerful. I am so grateful to work with a group of such committed, hardworking young women. They are sharpening each other in dance technique and character.”
Both coaches saw a lack of discipline in dancing and outside of the ‘mirror room’ in the team from years past, and that was one of their main goals from the start.
Williams said, “Not just anyone could keep their eye on the prize like these five do. Ms. Wall and I are very proud to work with these special young women, and we know we will look back on this year as a pivotal one.”
They maintain discipline by leaving someone out of performances if they have an unexcused practice and having the whole team run laps if someone is late or is not wearing the correct practice shirt. These changes have been seen in the routines.
Wall said, “I am so pumped about what I’m seeing in practice, and I’m excited to show them off at halftime. Go Aves.”
The team acknowledges their small numbers are bringing talk, but they are looking forward to showing the new team.
Young said, “Being small nobody could think we could come this far, but just wait until they see us on the court!”