Space storms stir up issues


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Space weather effects life here on earth. People monitor space weather and can provide warnings if danger is near. It is unknown to many, but space weather exists.

Whether it is raining today or not may be the only weather concern for many, however there are issues beyond our planet that need to be brought to our attention.

According to NASA website, “There are two kinds of solar storms:coronal mass ejections and solar flares.”

Space weather is a natural occurrence that affects the environment down here on earth, as well as man made items in space.

Sophomore Shruti Mishra said,“I have not heard of space weather, but i do know there are many things that occur in space. It really scares me what could effect the earth be it something bad happens in space.”

Just as we have warning ahead of time for severe weather, the GOES (Geostationary operational environmental satellite) keeps watch over the environment and weather in space.

By using special telescopes to take pictures of the sun every minute they are able to monitor what is happening far far away to our giant star.

According to Space, “NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of geomagnetic storms on Dec. 9th, increasing to 55% on Dec. 10th in response to an incoming solar wind stream.”

There is also a telescope call the Polar Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite that monitors earth’s climate as well as keeps track of energy from charged particles of the sun that enter earth’s atmosphere.

It is time that people get informed about what occurs beyond the planet earth. Space weather will continue to be a concern as it affects day to day lives.