Winter break brings bountiful times


CAPTION: With exams before winter break, students will have two full weeks to relax. The new schedule is online on Blackboard for students to plan out their week. Many students are going out of town for the break, while others are staying home and relaxing.

With the coming of snow, holidays, and the stress of gift giving comes a whole new wave of stress for students.

The exam schedule has been changed to before break, heightening the pre-existing stress this “most wonderful time of the year” creates.

Sophomore Sara Cohen said “Over winter break I like to relax and I like to hang out with my friends because I like my friends and high school is hard so I like the down time.”

With this new schedule however, students will able to fully relax in relation to studying over break. All the difficult tests will be over.

According to a SunSentinel article, “Having semester exams, which count for 20 percent of students’ semester grades, before the vacation will provide for higher grades.”

Two weeks of no worrying is perfect, a well deserved break to hard work for a whole semester.

There are many things to do this break to relax, such as hanging out with friends, going to the movies, hanging out at the mall, or spending needed family time at home.

Sophomore Andrea Vaughn said, “I am going to Florida over break, which will be quite different from spending break here.”

This new schedule might be hard to adjust to for this year, but it will prove helpful once winter break arrives.