The marching band performs to help others


Natalie Brinkman

The group will do a full run through Friday at the high school. The fee is two cans which will be given to OGB. The group’s championships will be held on Saturday.

On Friday, the band will be making a special performance to collect cans for Operation Give Back.

The performance will be here at the high school, at the soccer stadium, and will go from 6:30-7:00. The fee is two cans, which will all be donated to charity.

Senior Dahlia Rapoport said,” I am really looking forward to this Friday because i know people who will come will be there to support the band and participate in an altruistic charity experience”.

Not only will this performance be a nice way to give back, but also will give the marching band a chance to practice for championships the next day at Mason.

Freshman Kassandra Cooper said,“ I think something to look forward to is making memories with the senior one last time. I think we are performing so we can help people together and just save the hungry and in return people coming to support, put on a show for them”.

This will allow the group as a whole to participate in something much grander and meaningful than football games that are usually on Fridays. This time they can use their music and skills they have practiced so much to help people in need.

Sophomore Kate Willis said,“Strike up the band for hunger is a win win situation. The ensemble gets an extra run through before championships, the spectators get to see the show, and the biggest win of all will be for the large donation the food pantry will receive”.

This performance will hopefully be a great practice for Saturday, as well as a good way to help others.