‘That’s a Stretch’ extends to its close


Natalie Brinkman

The color guard spends a lot of time together between weekday practices, weekend practices, and competitons. With the end of the season the group will have plenty of time compared to their current schedule. The next competition will take place at Pride of La Salle High school.

As the season comes to a finish the color guard pushes on despite hardships. Rain has put a damper on many of the practices and competitions, but with only two weeks left the must continue on.

The next competition, Oct. 31, will take place at the Pride of La Salle high school, and will lead the group into their last week.

Sophomore Karen Mellott said “After being nonstop with color guard for 5 months it is always hard to say goodbye. It is awesome to think back on the highs and lows of the season, it helps remind me of the family I have built”.
The group’s opinion on the end of the season varies, but many comment on how much they have improved, the friends they met, and how sad they will be once the season concludes.

Freshman Elizabeth Geraci said,”Color guard is a great way to make friends. It is pretty upsetting that the season is almost over because you don’t get to spend the 372 hours at marching band with your friends until next season”.

The season stretches from the beginning of the summer to mid Nov., thus the group spends a lot of time together. For the band and color guard, it will mean not seeing some of your close friends for a long time.

Freshman Lydia Cooke said, “This season has been stressful with the transition into high school and the work load. I also didn’t anticipate the season to fly by so quickly”.

With the conclusion of the season, the team will have more time to do homework and have time to do things with other friends, but it still brings sad times.