Love locks Cincinnati locals together

Caroline Gao

Along the Purple People Bridge in downtown Cincinnati are padlocks with various hearts, names and dates engrained. These ideas of symbols of love have traveled from Europe and made their way across the world.

“I think the idea of keeping locks on bridges is really touching. It would be amazing to go back and visit and think of all the memories that have been made,” junior Emma Burge said.

The European tradition has couples write their initials or important dates on the lock and then throw away the key into the river below to represent their lasting love. The most common engravings are engagement dates or wedding dates.

“The idea is very romantic and I would love someday if I could do the same thing. It would be very precious to be able to keep such a special thing between you and someone you love,” senior Talia Bailes said.

The idea of locks on a bridge and throwing away the key began in Europe, where the concept is very common.

“I had seen it been done before in Europe but I never realized we could always do the same thing with the bridges here. It seems really interesting and I want to try it sometime,” junior Astrid Cabello said.

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