University of Cincinnati basketball game

The Flyerettes will be performing the same routine they did at the fall pep rally. They are excitied to show off all their hard work this weekend at UC. The team will be working hard till then to make sure the dance is perfect. Photo courtesy of McDaniels Photography.

The upcoming weekend will be a big one for the Flyerettes dance team. They will be performing at the UC basketball game on Nov. 16.

UC will be playing Appalachian State, out of North Carolina. The game is at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. “The UC game is going to be a great experience and a lot of fun,” said Emily Spry, 11.

The Flyerettes will be performing the routine they performed at the fall pep rally. “I think it is a good experience before competition,” said Calista Robbins, 10.

The team is excited about what this opportunity will bring them. This is their first major performance. They are hoping it will help them prepare for the school basketball season which starts on Monday, Nov. 18, with Aviator Madness.

The team is hoping to see a big win out of UC, who has an extremely tough schedule for the season. With normal games scheduled, there are also games against 2012-2013 NCAA championship participants.

The girls on the Flyerettes will be working nonstop this week at their two practices, to make sure everyone is prepared to perform this weekend.