Strumming at guitar concert


Calliope Osborn

Guitar I students play a song. The concert occured on Thurs., Dec. 11 during 7th bell. It was directed by guitar teacher Zachary Starkie.

Calliope Osborn, Staff Writer

Students gathered together in the Little Theater to watch other students perform guitar songs on stage. The concert was hosted by guitar teacher Mr. Zachary Starkie.

Guitar I, II, and III performed.

Sophomore Rohith Gattu said, “I was really nervous but it was really fun and I love playing guitar.”

Guitar I performed the songs “Going Cuckoo,” “St. Anthony Chorale,” and “West Coast Blues.”

Sophomores Andrea Vaughn, Daniel Torres, Austin Tornatore and freshman Ty Race had solos.

Guitar II and III performed “Lullay My Liking,” and “The Man Who Sold the World.” A solo was performed by Ari Belillti.

Sophomore Taylor Kyle said, “I really enjoyed the concert. It was cool to see people’s talents and see their passion for guitar.”

Guitar is one of the many music classes offered at SHS, and students can also take the elective at the Junior High.

Sophomore Katie Wenzel said, “I’m taking guitar next semester and I can’t wait.”