Silencing voice of ISIS journalist


MCT Photo

The citizens of ISIS controlled territory have practically no rights. Citizens are constantly being watched, monitored and even small crimes are punishable by death. It is common to see small children walking around with guns.

In America, we can speak of opinions freely without ever thinking twice or worrying about the consequences. However, this is not true in other countries around the world, specifically in the territory controlled by ISIS.

Ruqui Hassan, a young Syrian journalist, was trying to get the word out about the reality of life under ISIS. Last year, her family was informed that she was executed for her outspokenness.

She was noted for her uniquely creative approach to protesting. She used social media to talk about the bombing and various tragedies with humor and hope.

Hassan said in a Facebook post, “People at the souq (market) are like waves crashing into each other… not because of the numbers… but because people’s eyes are glued to the sky… their eyes move above in fear while their bodies move unconsciously below.”

She was well aware that she was being hunted by the government but kept posting and speaking her thoughts despite the oppression.

This is the first time that ISIS has claimed to execute a female journalist. Her last post on social media was in July 2015.

Hassan said in her last post, “I’m in Raqqa and I received death threats, and when ISIS (arrests) me and kills me it’s ok because they will cut my head and I have dignity. It’s better than I live in humiliation with ISIS.”