Skiing Success



Perfect North slopes has had to be closed for the first two months of their season. Ski club was first able to attend the slopes on Tues. Jan. 5. They are hoping the slopes stay open.

Elizabeth Rickert, Print Editor-in-Chief

The unseasonably warm weather has resulted in climate dependent activities being canceled. Perfect North Slopes is no exception.
Perfect North was projected to open the first week of Dec., but was prohibited from doing so until this week and two days in late Dec. This has thrown a curve-ball into the ski club’s activities.
Ski club was finally able to meet on Jan. 5 for the first time. Not all of the slopes were able to be opened due to lack of snow but even during the evening more slopes were being opened.
Senior Christina Caporale said, “I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to go skiing at all this year so I was excited to go. Skiing was a bit difficult due to the snow machines blowing in your face but we made the best of it.”
With the decreasing temperatures, sponsors, Mr. Peter Griga, Mrs. Kimberly Cooper, and Mrs. Beth Quinones, are hoping to be able to continue going out.
Ski Club members are encouraged to get their bus pass from Cooper as soon as possible. The club is required to have a head count for the bus before Tues. Students are still encouraged to meet up with the club at the slopes if they do not ride the bus.