How to make most of New Year


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Sophomore Thea Ferdinand said, “This year, I do not have a resolution- I just have tons of goals for the future. Actually, it does not even have to be this year. It could be tomorrow or after graduation or anything.”

Emily Chien, Leaflet Designer/Writer

Obviously, the New Year is not the only time you can make a significant change in your life. This is made clear by the plentiful criticism of the sense optimism gained after a new year arises.

And yet, somehow the earliest dates in January tend to be when we are the most motivated to do something new or better.

Get organized. Who cares if you do not invent the next best million-dollar invention? You can at least take initiative in organizing what you have already accomplished. Instead, go through your papers, clean up your room, and get rid of toxic friends.

Fake confidence. It sounds bad, but try to push your jitters aside and put your focus on what matters. After a while, the jitters will be all gone and you will forget why you ever needed to fake confidence in the first place. Fake it until you make it, as they say.

Make one big, bold move. Even if you are normally shy and do not typically take risks, take this as a sign to do something a little crazy. Who knows, this great move could land you the lead in the next musical, take you on a trip to Europe, or title you the senior superlative for ‘class clown.’