Perfect (North) conditions for the winter



So far the only chairs to be open are the green chair and the blue chair, which have only green beginner runs available. The green chair goes to either Broadway or Ski Wiz, which are the next step up from the carpet hills like Call Back. The blue chair goes to The Meadows and the Audition Terrain Park, but only The Meadows are open off that chair.

Taylor Close, Staff Writer

With the colder weather that has made winter a little more believable, the ski club and other skiers and snowboarders are anxious to get out on the slopes for possibly the first time in the year.
Sophomore Matthew Isakson said, “I haven’t been able to go out to Perfect North yet this year which is a little depressing because by this time in previous years I had been going out at least once a week for a month.”
Perfect North has been open a total of three days this year, calling them bonus days with reduced ticket prices. Even on those days the runs have been limited to a few green slopes and only two chairs.
Isakson said,“It’s cool how they have been trying to make the most out of what they have because it has not been cold recently so the fact that they have been able to open even a couple runs is nice because then the really dedicated can get out and practice.”
But in the past few nights they have been making all the snow they can and are trying to get fully open, including all the rails and jumps in the terrain park, before the first Jam Session on Jan. 15.
Isakson said, “To have it open for good would be a relief because I keep checking the website and see that either only a few are open or they aren’t open at all, so to be able to just go out at any time again would be amazing.”