Sanders surges ahead


MCT Photo

Sanders, attending a Democratic Party event. This picture was taken weeks before he announced his running for President. Sanders is the oldest candidate in either party. 

Bernie Sanders, a relatively unknown Vermont senator announced his candidacy on 5/26/2015. By most political experts, it assumed that Sander’s running would be a flash in the pan.

AP European History Teacher Mrs. Chapman said, “I assumed Hillary Clinton would clear the field pretty easily,”
However, several weeks back, Sanders was only 3 points behind Clinton at the Iowa Caucus. Shockingly, this week, Sanders is now ahead in both the Iowa Caucus by 5 points, and by even more in New Hampshire.
The main reason behind this is simple. Sanders’ fans are incredibly enthusiastic. Hillary Clinton fans, however seem pretty undecided, and way less supportive.
Sanders fans cite his honesty and empathy as chief reasons for supporting him. Additionally, as a “self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist”, his populist rhetoric draws a lot of support from many different demographics.
Junior Kevin Berghoff said, “If I could vote, I’d vote for Sanders. He just seems like he has a lot of energy, and has some pretty radical ideas.”
Clinton supporters are hesitant in their support, mainly because of the multiple scandals that surround her candidacy. They also disagree with her changing stances on Gay Marriage, Gun Control, and the Iraq War.
Berghoff said, “I think he can definitely clear the primaries. It reminds me of 08’, when Barack Obama, the underdog, overtook Clinton.”