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The annual dodgeball tournament took place on Jan. 8. It involved 11 teams. The winner was Cincy Squirters who received Chipotle and trophies. Photographed here is senior Richard Nance who played in the tournament for the first time this year.

The dodgeball tournament is an annual event that rarely gets a lot of attention. It is organized by Student Council. The event typically takes place in early Jan. with teams of five to seven people.
This year 11 teams participated on Jan. 8. . The winners were Cincy Squirters who won Chipotle and trophies.
Sophomore Elayna Berry said, “It was an awesome event! We had more participation than last year and people get really into it! We are hoping to continue the event in the future!”
The event does not lend itself to many spectators, since it takes place in the Gregory Center which lacks stands, but the team participants seemed to enjoy themselves.
Senior Michael Heyn said, “It was a ton of fun. I’ve done the event in the past and enjoyed it enough to keep organizing a team.”
Student Council supplies referees, dodgeballs, and the prize. The prizes have ranged from gift cards to trophies. Student Council also creates a tournament bracket so that everyone can easily follow along.
Student Council advisor Mrs. Caroline Stalin said, “We enjoy doing this event even though it doesn’t raise us much money. It’s mostly just a fun thing for the school.”

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