Kanye makes progress on album, sets release date



West awaits a crowd before performing at the Grammy’s in 2015. His newest album, Swish, is set to come out on Feb. 11. On top of Kanye’s collaboration with French Montana and Rihanna for this album, he is also working with Paul McCartney.

William Coleman, Staff Writer

After months on end filled with suspense from fans of one of entertainments more famous stars, Kanye West has finally announced when his new album, Swish, will be released. This past week, the Chicago-raised rapper announced his seventh album would come out on Feb 11.
Junior Jack Loon said,“I’ve been waiting for Swish to come out for the longest time now. Once I started to like his most recent album from 2013, I knew that it would not be a patient wait for Swish.”
On top of including a release date, West has been letting the public get a small taste of the new album. He has released an instrumental for the song Fade, a one-minute snippet for No More Parties in LA, and the full track for Real Friends.
Sophomore Kevin Russell said,“I like how Kanye has been giving sneak previews of his upcoming album.  You never know with him, so when I hear his new music ahead of time, it gives me a sense of what his new work will be like.”
In June of 2013, West released his sixth album, Yeezus. West teamed up with musicians like Daft Punk for music and Kid Cudi for lyrics. West’s decision to mix electronic music with hip-hop/rap lyrics set Yeezus apart from his other albums. Fans expect the same thing out of Swish.
Junior Jacob Spiegel said, ““I’m expecting a similar sound as Yeezus out of Swish. I’ve listened to some of the instrumentals on YouTube and they have that same kind of natural, fresh, quality sound to the music.”
Expect big things out of Swish when it is available for purchase in Feb. The anticipation has built too high for this album not to succeed.