Smoothie Bar arrives at last


Jacob Englander

Seen above, is the smoothie bar. It is located in the Hub, right near the two entrances. Cash is the only form of payment accepted.

Jacob Englander, News Chief

The long-awaited smoothie bar, promised multiple times by SHS administrators last year is here at last. To the thanks of many, it opened up for business on 1/20/2016. Smoothie’s are available in two different sizes, with a new flavor every day.
AP English Teacher Thomas Gaffigan said, “Today’s (1/22/2016) flavor was blueberry banana. I had it today, and it was pretty good.”
The administration had previously planned to make a coffee bar, but this wasn’t allowed by the State of Ohio due to recent stringent policies regarding what students can and can not eat or drink.

Sophomore Max Snyder said, “I was disappointed about when they got rid of the whole coffee bar idea.”
So next time, you’ve got a free minute, or just want a smoothie, head down to the hub and get one!
Snyder said, “I have not had a smoothie yet. But I hear they’re pretty good. Maybe I’ll get one today.”