Get your scare on with seniors

Jordan Baker

Freshmen witnessed for the first time last year how much effort goes into making costumes for Senior Halloween. On Oct. 24, seniors will display their costumes in the commons before first bell. The tradition goes back to at least 1998. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Senior Halloween is a tradition that has been at the High School for nearly 16 years.  It is a great opportunity for seniors to let loose and have a full day of fun.

It’s also a day to see the effort that the seniors have put into their costumes.  They spend a lot time working on these costumes. In fact, some seniors have been working on their costumes since their freshman year.

The SHS tradition of Senior Halloween started in 1998 with Mr. James Skoog.  It was an initial change in the senior class that was set up by parents.  Senior Halloween is also a chance for the seniors to enjoy their last year.

The seniors make the costumes and show them off to everyone else in the commons before first bell.  Costumes have been anything from Robin Hood to a Transformer and all the way to Shrek.

Freshmen saw last year for the first time how much effort went into some of these costumes. The Mexican Mariachi band, for example, was designed to make an interactive costume.

But with all this fun also come rules and restrictions that have been adopted by the teachers and the senior principal to make sure the day stays fun and appropriate.  Appropriateness of costumes is the biggest thing.

Senior Halloween is the one day the gives seniors a chance to not think about school and allows them to have a day of fun.  The tradition that started 16 years ago just keeps growing from the range of the costumes to the rules.

Q&A with Mrs. Karen Bare, senior principal

Q: Why do we have Senior Halloween and how did it start?

A: I goes back to at least 1998 and was created as a reward for seniors.

Q:  What are you and the teachers trying to do to make sure that the seniors follow all the rules that have been set up?

A: Communication of the rules to the students, staff and parents.

Q: How has Senior Halloween changed over the years? have seniors ever been sent home or expelled because of their costumes?

A: We have significantly tightened up on the rules over time. Yes, they have.