Smoothie bar not going smoothly with students


The smoothie bar opens in the IMC. Drinks include smoothies and coffee. Smoothies are currently priced at $5.

Last week, the long awaited smoothie bar finally arrived to The Hub, formerly the IMC. The smoothie bar was promised at the beginning of the school as another addition to the newly-remodeled IMC. But did the new smoothie bar meet student expectations?

The majority of the student body was underwhelmed and disappointed with the smoothie bar’s outcome. Complaints ranged from the fact that the smoothies were low quality and overpriced, to the inconvenience of it opening in January, when a hot chocolate bar would be more practical.

Sophomore Skylar Bottcher said, “All I care about is asking if they sell hot chocolate.”

The smoothie bar does serve coffee for those students looking for a beverage to warm them up from the cold temperatures outside and inside of school. However, the coffee doesn’t satisfy everyone, even if it does help warm them up.

Sophomore Ryan Tufts said, “The coffee is so appalling, it tastes utterly horrible; it’s so sugary and doesn’t take like coffee.”

Another problem students noticed is the low quality and poor taste of the drinks. The drinks are also known to be overpriced for the small sizes that are sold.

Sophomore Kristian Byrd said, “One of my friends had one, and they did not like it. They said it was gross, and it was more like a slushie than a smoothie.”

Overall, although students were excited over the arrival of the smoothie bar, which was expected at the beginning of the school year, improvements will be needed to bring it up to the student body’s expectations.