New year brings new families


McDaniels Photography

Senior twins Olivia Wiedmann and Sophia Wiedmann competed last year. The lost in the second round at Guess the Song. This year, students will not sit out once they lose a game. Instead, point values will be collected and calculated at the end to determine the winners.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

As an annual event, student council organizes a competition between siblings. Battle of the Sibs consists of pairs of siblings in the high school who compete in activities against other siblings with the goal of winning the entire competition.

Every sibling pair chooses an organization to donate money to. They collect their money by decorating milk jugs which they carry around school. Students will write their family’s name as well as their organization and ask their peers for donations.

Senior Kevin Fitzgerald said, “Even though I am not on this committee I still see it as so important. The greatest part is that all the siblings choose their own organization so we have really diverse causes that we are helping.”

At the end of the event, regardless of the winner, all of the organizations receive the money their representatives collected. None of the organizations requested to be represented, however they all agreed to accept the money that has been collected.

Junior Renee Foster said, “This is probably one of my favorite events of the year. Do not get me wrong, it is super stressful and time consuming. But it is so fun and for not just one great cause, but multiple.”

Last year, games included in the competition were guess the song and a blindfolded eating contest between siblings. The night was kicked off by every couple entering the auditorium dancing to a song of their choice, while the audience laughed and clapped.

Senior Maddie Driscoll said, “This year Tyler Miller and I are working the sound booth. My favorite part, honestly, is getting an inside scoop on what everyone’s songs are since we have to prepare a playlist in advance.”

Although this is not the last year for Battle of the Sibs, the committee this year is hoping all of their hard work will make it the best one in all of Sib’s history.