Super bowl ads entertain more than game


Courtesy of MCT Photo

Child actor Max Page, pictured here at age 7, shows how he used the "Force" as a pint-sized Darth Vader in a 2011 Volkswagen commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. He was back home in San Clemente, Calif., recovering from open heart surgery in 2012. (H. Lorren Au Jr./Orange County Register/TNS)

On Super Bowl Sunday, the most important part of the event might not be the game. Advertisements are some of the most talked about and anticipated parts of the Super Bowl, and are more important than the game to some individuals.

Sophomore Leslie Brown said, “I watch the ads more than the actual game. My favorite one was the one with Kevin Hart in it.”

Super Bowl commercials are often filled with celebrities, special effects, and over the top humor to promote the products that companies are selling. The ads must be able to generate interest to compensate for the expensive price of airtime during the game.

Sophomore Kyle Ballman said, “My favorite was the Mountain Dew ad with the puppy monkey baby because who wouldn’t want a puppy monkey baby.”

Advertisements can cost up to $5 million for just 30 seconds of airtime. With so much money at stake, extensive research is done by the company into who is watching the game and what will spark their interests in order to generate profit.

Companies are also posting teasers and clips of their ads, and sometimes the entire commercial, in advance of the game on websites such as Youtube. This is done to generate more interest and entice more people to watch.

Sophomore Kyra Bolt said, “My favorite was either the T-Mobile commercial because it was insanely funny or the Heinz commercial because the dogs were really cute, and the wiener dogs fit perfectly with the concept of a ketchup advertisement.”

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