Student Council Seniors sell scrumptious treats


Hannah Loftspring

The sophomore class sold ‘Corny Corn’ to the student body. Each bag included a corny joke. Students were able to submit jokes to be used.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

During the course of every year there are food and product sales. This year, the freshman of student council sold cacti, sophomores sold candy corn, juniors sold paper chains, and the seniors are now selling chocolate roses.

Usually, the items for sale are seasonal, except the cacti and paper chains, which were for future prom expenses and donations. The idea behind ‘Corny Corn’ and chocolate roses is to excite the student body about upcoming holidays: Halloween and now Valentine’s Day.

The fun part of the chocolate roses is all in the name, but more, too. They are edible chocolate roses that are delivered to your class and often have a personalized note attached. Whether friendly or romantic, they are a hit with students.

Senior Sophia Wiedmann said, “I really hope someone sends me one honestly just because I want to eat the chocolate. It just looks super yummy. I’ll probably send a few for fun, I’ll see how expensive they are.”

The roses are sold during lunchtime.

Student council representative senior Amy Bitzer said, “We actually sold a decent amount so far. I’m not worried that we’ll have left overs, we haven’t ever in the past. We ordered about 400 so that should be enough.”

The profits are high and helpful, whether it is for donations or used to go towards class expenses.

Freshman Andrew Greenberger said, “Not going to lie; I can’t wait for the seniors to graduate. I mean I like them all a lot but I want to take over the chocolate rose sales. Everyone loves it and it makes a ton of money.”

Corny candy corn, Valentine’s Day chocolate roses, what is next? Students cannot wait for St. Patrick’s Day.