Misty Copeland



Misty Copeland attends “An Evening with Misty Copeland” at Smyth, a Thompson Hotel, on June 24, 2015, in New York.

Making history as the first African- American female Principle dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, Copeland changed the face of American ballet forever.

She grew up in Kansas City, Missouri as the fourth of six siblings. Her childhood was plagued with racial slurs, and emotional and physical abuse from her step-fathers.

Currently Misty enjoys giving back, she works with many organizations as well as giving her time to mentor young children. In 2014, she was appointed to the president’s council for sports and nutrition.

Along with her extensive accomplishments in dance, Misty is the author of her New York Bestselling memoir, “Life in Motion.”

Throughout her life, Copeland had all the odds against her – a traumatic family life, her short height, ethnicity and her late start into the dance world- but she was able to become one of the most influential figures in ballet history. Beyond dance, Copeland has a clear message that she advocates to the younger generation.

“You can do anything you want, even if you are being told negative things. Stay strong and find motivation” – Misty Copeland