‘Deadpool’ demolishes box office


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Deadpool enacts his revenge on the man who wronged him. The violence in this film as opposed to other superhero films like “Man of Steel” can show more blood and carnage thanks to its R-Rating. This allows for more exhilarating and realistic action.

Claire Lefton, A&E Chief

No executive in their right mind thought it would happen, but it did. A Rated-R superhero movie, “Deadpool” has surpassed grossing $400 billion and is officially the sixth highest-grossing R-Rated film of all time (as of Feb. 25), proving that you do not need pander to kids to make a profitable superhero film.

Movie after movie of grand battles with bloodless carnage can get exhausting and ridiculous. This is why “Deadpool” is such a breath of fresh air; an R-Rating allows for a more realistic depiction of violence and language.

The point should be made however that the rating itself is not what makes “Deadpool” so refreshing. It is the fun and satirical tone that the main character brings to a more dour and serious genre.

Critic Adam Chitwood from Collider wrote, “[Audiences] came for the uniquely irreverent tone, from which the profanity, violence, and by extension R-rating sprouted organically. “Deadpool” offers something entirely different within the superhero genre—something audiences have never seen before—and that’s why it was such a huge success.”

The film itself is about Wade Wilson, played by the delightful Ryan Reynolds, who is the victim of an experiment that leaves him with immortality and a permanently scarred and hideous body. To try and get revenge on the man who did this to him, Wilson adopts the alter-ego of Deadpool.

Reynolds’s performance is magnetic. It is as if he was born to play the role. His comedic timing is perfect, his physicality is unmatched, and he himself is the embodiment of the Deadpool character.

Time’s Stephanie Zacharek wrote, “If you’re going to make a ‘Deadpool’ movie… Ryan Reynolds is the guy to play him. Reynolds delivers every line with a smirk you can hear…”

Films like ‘Deadpool’ which excellently balance the gruesome and realistic with the sophomoric are hard to come by. This is another reason why Reynolds, who starred in both kinds of movies, is perfect for the party. Additionally, he has been campaigning for the film’s production for years.

On “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, Reynolds said, “For 11 years, I’ve been trying to get this film made… the first ‘Deadpool’ comic I ever read had a panel in it and it said… ‘I look like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a shar pei’ and I knew at that moment that one day I will play this guy.”

“Deadpool” is two hours of violence, swearing, jokes, and pure fun. Wade Wilson might even quip his way to be the highest-grossing Rated-R film of all time.