Aves baseball flies into new season


McDaniel’s Photography

In a game from the 2015 season, now juniors Joshua Glynn (catcher) and Victor Garnica (pitcher) talk with a coach on the pitcher’s mound. Last season, Garnica compiled 11 strikeouts over 32 innings. Garnica is one of 12 returning Varsity players.

After having Varsity finish second to last in the Greater Miami Conference in 2015, the SHS baseball program is ready to rebound. Their first game of the season is on March 29 against Princeton. However, the training begins now and it all starts with tryouts
Junior Jay Fields said, “I’m so glad baseball season is back. I always love tryouts because I get to see how my teammates and I have improved over the off-season.”
On top of tryouts, the baseball program has to welcome in a new freshman class and figure out where they fit into each team.
Freshman Kevin Jaffe said, “Making the move from junior high baseball to high school baseball has been interesting so far. It’s very exciting to be able to compete at this level but it is also taking time to adjust.”
Last season, the varsity team had one freshman, now sophomore Jacob Kotzin. Also returning to the varsity team with Kotzin is junior catcher Joshua Glynn, who was out with an injury for most of last season.
Glynn said, “Dealing with an injury during the season is one of the worst feelings to have as an athlete. Especially when your team is losing games. All you want to do is help contribute, but you can’t.”
The long season begins a few weeks after tryouts when the players from each squad return from spring break.