Sounds of Cabaret echo through halls


Participants of the 2016 cabaret gather together for a photo in the Hub. The students spent an entire Saturday at school in dress rehersal in order to prepare for the performance. The students also were responsible for setting up and tearing down the set for the event.

On Feb. 20, the choral program’s annual cabaret performance took place in the commons. Around 20 to 30 students typically participate in the event, singing either solos or duets under a singular spotlight to imitate the feel of being in a coffeehouse or restaurant cabaret.

Sophomore Leslie Brown said, “All of the performers were super talented, and show had a really great atmosphere in general.”

The songs that are performed come from all different genres of music, ranging from alternative and contemporary artists to Broadway hits and Italian arias. The variety of songs showcases the multifaceted musical talents and tastes of the students at SHS.

Freshman Lindsay Williams said, “It was a great way to build up confidence and get better at performing solos and duets.”

In addition, no previous choir or vocal experience is needed to participate in the event. The only requirements are interests in singing and the ability to prepare for an audition using your song of choice.

Sophomore Hanna Leonard said, “I thought it was great! Everyone who participated was so talented and I can’t wait to do it again next year!”