Posing in apparel before prom


McDaniel's Photography

Last year prom was held at the Oasis Convention Center. Students danced to “YMCA”. Directly after, the PTO held an after prom event at the high school. This year, as in the past, students are highly encouraged to attend both prom and after prom.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

Every year before prom is prom fair. The juniors and seniors of Student Council model dresses and suits borrowed from local companies. The goal is to promote business and get people excited about prom.

This year the girls will be wearing dresses from Bridal and Formal. Junior Sydney Klien said, I am looking forward to prom fair because we will all get to dress up and that’s always fun”.

In addition to modeling dresses, girls will be getting their hair and makeup done by Paul Mitchell salon.

Senior Amy Bitzer said, “I really want to emcee the event because I modeled last year so this would be different and fun. Also I think I would just make a great emcee.”

Boys will model formal wear, too. Senior Kevin Fitzgerald said, “I’m not really into getting dressed up but I get to model will my girlfriend who’s in student council too so it makes it much better.”

Every junior and senior member of Student Council will be modeling, and walking with a member of the opposite gender. Couples are assigned by height first, then preference.

Prom fair is on Apr. 8 during both lunches. The girls will miss four or more of their classes in order to get ready for the event. It will hopefully be well worth it.