Europe trip approaches, sparks excitement

March 7, 2016


MCT Campus

Idelman said, “Sightseeing as well as experiencing the culture of another country is important to me. I want to be able to do both. I honestly cannot believe this trip is coming so soon.”

In about two weeks, spring break will kick off and students will spread across the globe for the week, whether going on school trips, travelling on their own, or staying home.

Each year, AP European History classes travel across the globe to London, England; Paris, France; Normandy, France; Florence, Italy; and Rome, Italy. This year, Normandy was added to the list as another destination.

Sophomore Keren Idelman said, “I am so excited to go on this trip. I feel like going with friends makes the time so much more precious because we typically do not get to travel with each other.”

Trip preparations are heating up and each student is currently preparing to go.

Idelman said, “Western Europe is a place I would love to explore more of. I have never been to France, England, or Italy before, and they are on the top of my bucket list.

“Everyone else I have met that has already gone has said it has been a crazy, life-changing experience for them. I want it to be the same for me.”

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