AP Computer Science expressing their creative side


Rujula Kapoor

One of the designs submitted is featured above. The coffee cup represents the programming language Java. Also, the squirrel is the teacher Mr. Ken Clark’s favorite animal, so it featured on the design.

As third quarter draws to an end, many AP classes have a tradition of making T-shirts to commemorate the year that has passed. AP Computer Science is no exception.

A contest is currently being held with the AP Computer Science classes. A t-shirt design must be submitted by all students in the class, and it is a 30 point assignment. Students can create a multitude of designs by using custom ink.

All designs must include:
School’s name
School year
Names of all students in the class

Other than the mentioned conditions, students are given complete freedom over the design. After all the designs are completed, students get to vote on their favorite design. The winner gets their t-shirt for free.

Junior Sydney Lang said, “I’m glad that we are doing something different this year.”

Often times, the shirts have instituted multiple computer related jokes. Last year’s shirt had the joke “you mama so fat her mass causes a Stackoverflow error.”

Junior Akshara Kapoor said,”Designing the shirt was one of my favorite things we did in computer science last year.”