Beating heart of Sycamore

Elizabeth Rickert, Print Editor-in-Chief

On Feb. 19, SHS will be hosting their annual blood drive. The blood drive is run by Student Council seniors and by Hoxworth blood center.
Senior Max Weiss said, “Blood is in such high demand. Every year, 4.5 million Americans could die without life-saving transfusions. I cannot think of something more in the spirit of giving than giving part of yourself. We can help facilitate this, and we are happy to do it.”
Hoxworth Blood Center’s goal, according to their website, is “To enhance the well-being of patients in our service area by assuring a reliable and economical supply of the safest possible blood, by providing innovative hemotherapy services, and by promoting research and education programs in transfusion medicine.”
Students can sign up to get involved at lunch Feb 12- Feb 18. Students must be 16 or older and meet the requirements laid out by Hoxworth’s height and weight chart. Students will sign up for 15 minute slots but should allow 45 minutes to donate. This includes time to register fully, give blood, and rest briefly.
In order to sign up students must have a photo ID that includes their birth date. 16 year olds are required to have a parents permission.
People of O positive, O negative, B positive, or B negative are capable of giving red cells only. Red cell donation is popular among individuals who do not like needles because it uses a much smaller needle and it leaves donors more hydrated than before.
Senior Amara Clough said, “It’s [blood drive] something that not everyone can do, but everyone might need sometime, so if I can do it, I feel a responsibility to,”
The blood drive takes place in the Gregory Center. All are encouraged to join in giving blood. If a participant is curious, Hoxworth will send the participant a paper with their blood type. All blood types are welcome and encouraged.
If students give blood four or more times they are eligible to receive an honorary red cord to wear during their graduation ceremony. This would require donors to visit a Hoxworth location to give more blood.